Irrenhaus – EP [2015]

Irrenhaus are Ferenc Teglas and Adrian Smith, two people who (apart from an exceptionally brief encounter in Berlin) have never actually met.
Their electronic relationship began during the early stages of the Internet when Ferenc remastered “Hands Fall Backwards” for Click Click, and from that point on the relationship developed into an ongoing collaboration.
For many years they traded ideas about working together on original material but due to their individual commitments the idea remained on hold.
In 2013 Ferenc suggested setting up a Bandcamp page to showcase the work Adrian had done outside of Click Click, and as the material accumulated and the page expanded, the idea of a collaboration began resurface.
During the summer of 2015 the first of a series of files were exchanged. They were basically templates which were mutually dissected, reassembled and stitched together over a very short period of time. After all of the talk they finally had something solid to work on.
The music here represents the urgency of the original idea. It’s not perfect but it’s a statement of intent. The music they intend to work on in the future will evolve and expand. It will mutate and lean closer to left field. It will challenge and terrify.

Released November 23, 2015

Adrian Smith (AKS) – synth, samples.
Ferenc Teglas (DJV) – synth, e-drum.